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Jack - How do we start the engine?

Copyright of original drawings: L.M. COX Manufacturing Co. Inc., 1966

Instruction Sheets for Engines

Olympic .15 engine (PDF, 260 kB)
Space Hopper .049 engine (PDF, 270 kB)
Space Bug Jr. .049 engine (PDF, 275 kB)
Thermal Hopper .049 engine (PDF, 573 kB)
Tee Dee .010, .020 engines (issue 1-62, PDF, 2.5 MB)
Tee Dee .049, .09 and .15 engines (issue 11-75, Rev. 6, PDF, 939 kB)
Tee Dee .049 and .15 engines (PDF, 274 kB)
Tee Dee Special Mk II.15 engines (PDF, 273 kB)
Black Widow .049 engine (issue 2-88 Rev. 2, PDF, 811 kB)
Dragonfly .049 engine (issue 2-93 Rev. 3, PDF, 3816 kB)
Medallion .049, .09, .15 engines (issue 8-74 Rev. 6, PDF, 2739 kB)
QRC .049 engine (issue 5-76 Rev. 1, PDF, 1669 kB)

Instruction Sheets for Models

TD-1 model aircraft (PDF, 230 kB)
TD-3 model aircraft (PDF, 250 kB)
Prop Rod model car and Babe Bee engine  (PDF, 154 kB)
Mercedes Benz model car (PDF, 540 kB)

Engine Test Reports

Thermal Hopper .049, AeroModeller, February 1954 (PDF, 483 kB)
Thermal Hopper .049, Model Aircraft, August 1955 (PDF, 744 kB)
Olympic .15, Model Aircraft, July 1959 (PDF, 672 kB)
Olympic .15, AeroModeller, Novenber 1959 (PDF, 558 kB)
Special .15, AeroModeller, February 1963 (PDF, 492 kB)
Special .15 Mk II, AeroModeller, March 1966 (PDF, 577 kB)
Black Widow .049, AeroModeller, August 1974 (PDF, 286 kB)
Pee Wee .020, AeroModeller, March 1976 (PDF, 3360 kB)
Conquest .15, AeroModeller, April 1976 (PDF, 190 kB)
Conquest .15, AeroModeller, June 1977 (PDF, 480 kB)
Tee Dee .020 AeroModeller October 1979 (PDF, 193 kB)
Tee Dee .020 AeroModeller October 1979 (PDF, 156 kB)
Tee Dee .049 AeroModeller November 1962 (PDF, 678 kB)

Other Documents

Article about LeRoy Cox, Mechanix Illustrated, November 1958 (PDF, 342 kB)
Cox booklet: "how to get best performance from your model engine" (PDF, 814 kB)
Cox .049 Operation and Troubleshooting Guide (PDF, 6867 kB)

Remarks: Most of these documents can also be accessed directly from the corresponding model or engine description. To read these documents in PDF format, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, which can be downloaded for free from
Most of these documents have been re-typeset to present a  facsimile view of the original document - this is much more work that presenting simple scans, but the documents are of higher quality and have a smaller file size. They are for personal, non-commercial use only; you may not sell them or include them in any commercial product without my permission.
Published with permission from the publishers as far as it has been possible to identify the source. Even if not mentioned, copyrights belong to the authors/publishers and I will remove any documents on request from the copyright owners.

Special Thanks go to all those who helped to collect these documents for my Virtual Cox Museum.

Bob Gardner, Max Zuijdendorp, Peter Tarn, Peter Grünbaum, Lane Puckett, Pat McCauley, Thomas Wilke, ... and more

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