How to Make Your Own HP-IL Cables

Hewlett Packard designed the Interface-Loop (HP-IL) to use unique cables with specifically designed connectors. Whether this was a necessity or not can be discussed, but it produced links of the very high HP-quality. On the other hand this makes it impossible to find cables or connectors from third party manufacturers. Used HP-IL cables are offered from time to time on auction platforms in the internet but may be expensive or not of the desired length.

Building your own cables has been discussed several times over the last years but I have not seen any results. If you want to build your own cables you absolutely need the correct male and female pins, a housing and the wires. All this has to be sourced or designed and assembled.


DIY HP-IL-Cable.pdf (440 KB)

This document shows how to create your own HP-IL cable.

HP-IL-Housings.stl (13.1 MB) This STL file contains one set of 4 parts for the housings enough to make one cable.
HP-IL-TwinHousings.stl (380 KB) This STL file contains one set of 2 parts for a device connector housing.
These and more HP related reproduction parts in STL format can be found on my Github archive under