Some Kits for .40 Pylon Racing Models

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Bolly Racing Products
Units 8-9
100 Hewittson Road
Elizabeth West
South Australia
Australia 5113
«Piel CP-80» (F3D)
wing span: 1.320 m
A pretty plane, great for training and beginners
kit type: GF
Best Time: 76s
«Stiletto» (F3D)
wing span: 1.448 m
kit type: GF
Best Time: 68s
«Python» (F3D)
wing span: 1.372 m
kit type: GF
Best Time: 71s with OPS .40, Bolly P42 pipe and Bolly P-10 prop
Simprop Electronic
Simprop Electronic
Ostheide 5
33428 Harsewinkel
«Viper» (Quickie 500)
wing span: 1.321 m
wing area: 0.345 m˛
kit type:WB
Flugapparatebau Wolf
Erlacher Str.16
97828 Zimmern
Phone: (+49/0)9391 7909
Fax: (+49/0)9391 914 358

«Dago Red Innovation»
a state of the art F3D Model
kit type: CC

Rich Tocci
544 Shadowcrest Ln.
Coppell, TX 75019
«Stiletto QM»
«Nemesis QM40»

kit types: CC
Paul's Flying Stuff
PO Box 121
Escondido, CA 92033
«Cosmic Wind F1»
«DeNight Special F1»
«Thunder Quickie II»

Gary Hover
16016 Ave. 288
Visalia, CA 93292
Phone: (209)747-0701
Small Creations
3204 Johnson Road
Southlake, TX 76092
Phone: (817)379-6468
«Kaze Killer QM 40»
«Kaze Killer FAI/F1»
California Speed Pro
26612 Las Tunis Drive
Mission Viejo, CA 92692
Phone: (714)365-1155
«Shark F1»
«Toni F1»
«Midget Mustang F1»
Modelcraft Freedom Kits
produces several kits, mostly for «Club 20» and «Sport 40» events
Jet & Speed Models

Haarlem, NL

«Beretta» a small model for .21 engines

Fly Fast Composites

Q 500 in composite material

H & M Racing Inc.
2221-95th Street
North Battleford, Sask, S9A 3G2
Phone: (306) 446-4021
Fax: (306) 446-4342
«MissCandice - Q40»
«Kaze 500 - Q500»
«SR2 - FAI F3D model»

kit type:

CC: Composite fuselage, composite wing
GF: Glass/Epoxy fuselage, sheeted foam wings
WK: wood, kit, puzzle
WB: wood, already built up, needs finish
ARF: almost ready to fly, includes finish

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