Model Definition (as of 1995)

Data of an Average F3D Model:

Manfred Pick with his «Dago Red Innovation» (MH 24 airfoil, IR engine), as seen in Karbach.

This is a typical F3D pylon racing model.
The model was flown in Austria by 1993 world champion
Richard Verano, USA.


Mr. Smoothy

Mr. Smoothie, who has been quite successful in Germany, is a design of Andreas Brenneisen. The upright engine installation makes engine startup and service work very comfortable. The required minimum cross section is located behind the wing. For simplicity he features a sturdy, fixed, landing gear. The vertical fin is quite small, but the high fuselage has a stabilizing effect.

Mr. Smoothy, Photo
An incarnation of Mr. Smoothy, probably a crossover between a green alien and a pink flamingo, named «Mustang Crusher», as flown by Otto Jakob. Note the interesting leading edge shape!

The Quickie 500

Quickie 500 3-View
The prescribed model for the German beginner B-class: Quickie 500. Modifications are allowed only for engine and airfoils, but not for the model geometry.

This model is used with a front intake, side exhaust engine, like the Nelson 40Q500.

The Mustangs

Mustang 3-View
This F3D pylon racing model resembles a P-51D Mustang. It has been designed by Otto Jakob and was one of the first models made completely of composite materials.The retractable landing gear reduces the drag considerably. The installation of the exhaust system is rather complex: tuned pipe and muffler are routed diagonally through the fuselage to the exit at the rear of the canopy.

The P-51D Mustang of O. Jakob,
as shown in the three view drawing above.

Miss R.J. design drawings Another Mustang (Miss R.J.) has been designed by the Malina brothers. With this design, they won the 1985 world championships. A plan of the model had been published in the Czechoslovakian model magazine «modelár» in 1984 [larger image (82 kB)].

Technical Data:
wing span: 1300 mm
length: 1050 mm
mass 2.2 kg
MVVS GRRT / Malina special

A «germanized» version of the same drawings has been published in the German magazine FMT, April 1987 and is available as plan number MT-950 from the Verlag für Technik und Handwerk, Baden-Baden, Germany

The Caudron

A nice Caudron C.460 from France. Caudron C.460

The Raptor

The Dutch team during the 1997 world championships with their «raptors»
(if you look carefully, you can also identify two «Tsunamis»).

A number 6 raptor, born in the jurassic Netherlands.

Photos courtesy Peter van Doesburg

The Dago Red

The «Dago Red Innovation» of Manfred Pick. The improved follow up model is available here.

see also: some kits of F3D models.

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