About the JavaFoil Scripting Edition

Purpose Scripting makes it possible to repeat design and analysis tasks in JavaFoil accurately. This is very helpful when you want to analyze a series of airfoils or try to repeat a complicated modification like positioning the elements of a multi-element airfoil.

Starting in version 2.20, JavaFoil's own script language has been replaced by JavaScript. Older scripts can be re-used but may require some minor modifications. The usage of JavaScript offers many new capabilities and improves the scripting capability greatly. However, this feature requires Java 6 or later.

The script window contains command buttons to save and load script files as well as a recorder. To run a script all you have to do is to press the "Run" button or for debugging purposes "Step" through the script. Especially for the beginner it is recommended to use the "Record" feature and to modify the resulting scripts.

Syntax Command names are composed of a two part command, followed by arguments enclosed in parenthesis:

CardName . CommandName ( Argument1 ; Argument2 ; ... )

All commands start with the name of the card which hosts the command. The name of the command is separated from the name of the card by a dot.

Arguments must be separated by the "path separator" character, which is a ';' by default. It is not possible to use this system dependent character for other purposes.

Remarks You can insert blank characters between all parts of a script command to improve readability.

Strings should be enclosed in double quotes, at least if they contain white space characters.

Floating point numbers must use the dot '.' decimal character according to US country settings. It is recommended to add a "Options.Country(0)" command at the start of each script to make sure that the correct country settings are active.

It is possible and recommended to use the recording facility in the script window to prepare a new script. After stopping the recorder this script can be extended and modified.

You can use the Script=ScriptFileName command line option to load and execute a script on startup of JavaFoil.


A typical command line would then look like:

java.exe -DScript=MyScript.jfscript -cp "java/mhclasses.jar" -jar "java/javafoil.jar"

or, if the script is given as a command line argument instead of defined as a system property with the -D option:

java.exe -cp "java/mhclasses.jar" -jar "java/javafoil.jar" Script=MyScript.jfscript


If you want to call the main class directly and not via the -jar mechanism, the command line looks like:

java.exe -DScript=MyScript.jfscript -cp "java/mhclasses.jar" -cp "java/javafoil.jar" MH.JavaFoil.JavaFoil

or, if the script is given as a command line argument instead of defined as a system property with the -D option:

java.exe -cp "java/mhclasses.jar" -cp "java/javafoil.jar" MH.JavaFoil.JavaFoil Script=MyScript.jfscript



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