A Software Decoder for HP-41 Barcodes

After I came across two used HEDS-3000 barcode wands I wanted to develop a barcode reader microcontroller solution for reading HP-41C and other barcodes. In order to develop a suitable algorithm I started to write this application. Initially intended to be a simple algorithm testbed it grew into a useful application. It is made available here for your usage.

The BarcodeReader application can be used for the following tasks:

NOTE: As of November 2014 this is work in progress. Therefore the application outputs lots of debug messages to the console. A "final" version will be made available with source code when a stable version has been produced.

Preliminary documentation (BarcodeReader.pdf, 1 MB)

Program archive (barcodereader.zip, 1.6 MB) (unzip to produce the barcodereader.jar archive and then run per documentation)

The BarcodeReader application was written in Java and is therefore useable on any platform for which a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) exists.. For more information read the preliminary documentation in the PDF file above.

This application is Copyright (C) 2014-2015 Martin Hepperle. You can use it for noncommercial purposes.