This page should show a Java applet, which is obviously not supported by your browser.
You could try to change the settings of your browser to allow the execution of Java code, but it may also be possible, that your network connection is configured to block the transfer of Java code.

If this Applet does not run

Since Java 1.7 update 45 the security settings of the Java runtime have been altered quite drastically by Oracle. This stopped many applets like JavaFoil from working in the browser and raised a lot of criticism. The error message says "Self signed applet blocked by security settings" or similar.

In Java 1.7u51 Oracle has reverted the security settings to a more user friendly scheme. Now you can again select by yourself, whether you want to trust and run an applet or not. Note that you need Java 1.7 update 51 or later (get it from Oracle's web site In previous updates there is no way to adjust the security settings.

I could avoid most of these problems if I would sign the applets with a certified signature. However such a certificate would cost me about $200 per year which I am not willing to spend just for this small part of my hobby. This certificate market seems to be a sort of money making machine and does not give a lot of extra security as everybody interested in fraud can obtain such a certificate without problems if he just pays for it.

On Windows systems

In order to get these applets running, you have to open the Java Control panel:

Windows XP and Windows 7: Start >> Control Panel >> Java >> Security Tab

On the Security tab you have to adjust three items

1) activate the "Enable Java content in the browser" checkbox,

2) set the security settings slider to "High (minimum recommended)",

3) add the web site to the "Exception Site List".

After making these adjustments and loading the applet page you should be prompted whether you want to run the applet.

If this does not work for you, you can install a local copy of JavaFoil on your computer as described in the next section.


Step by Step Instructions to install a local copy of JavaFoil

On Windows systems

On Unix systems

Running JavaFoil directly via WebStart

You must have Java version 1.5 or above

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