Some 3D-Models

These models helped me to learn the usage of the 3D Surface Modeling Tool Rhinoceros™ (Rhino).
They are not accurate and surely unsuitable for manufacturing. You can use them for noncommercial illustrations and other personal use. All downloads are in .zip compressed format.

Tee Dee .09

This had been my first attempt to model something more complex with Rhino.

Rhinoceros 3DM 231 kB

Black Widow

The Rhinoceros CAD model is quite complete and includes some internal details like crankshaft, piston and fuel tubes.

Rhinoceros 3DM 316 kB

Thermal Hopper .049

Again a Rhino model with some external details like the lettering on the cast crankcase.

Rhinoceros 3DM 346 kB

Pee Wee (0.33 cm³)

This 3D model has been created in Microstation™ by Neil MacPherson. I have converted his IGES export using Rhinoceros to various formats.

Rhinoceros 3DM 435 kB
Parasolid X_T 731 kB
ACIS 2.0 SAT 602 kB

Cylinder .020

This is a nearly accurate model of a standard .020 cylinder with all details except for the threads.

Rhinoceros 3DM 234 kB

Olympic .15

This had been my second step on the learning curve with Rhino.

Rhinoceros 3DM 234 kB

Rhinoceros is a registered trademark of Robert McNeel & Associates; Microstation is a registered trademark of Bentley Systems, Inc.; Parasolid is a registered trademark of Unigraphics Solutions, Inc.

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